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Consulting Session

For Interior Decorators & Designers

Navigating a Stressful Situation


$597 /  2 Hour Session on Zoom


Running an interior design business can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also come with significant stressors that keep you up at night. If you're losing sleep over ruminating thoughts, questioning your career choice, doubting your gifts, and feeling overwhelmed by client interactions, this consulting session is for you. Let’s get you out of this mess and back to loving what you do.

This is For Interior Decorators & Designers:

  • Feeling overwhelmed by stress and self-doubt.

  • Struggling with client conflicts and demanding communication beyond business hours.

  • Who find their work consuming more time and energy than their family and personal life.

  • Who feel like quitting and returning to a simpler career because of the current pressures.

  • Noticing their mental health and physical well-being declining due to work stress.

  • Desperate for immediate guidance to regain control and restore balance in their business and life.

What You’ll Gain:

Clarity and Immediate Relief: We’ll dive into the root of your stressors, providing instant clarity and relief.

Actionable Strategies: Receive targeted, practical strategies to resolve your urgent business challenges.

Conflict Resolution: Learn effective techniques for handling difficult clients and situations.

Boundary Setting: Discover how to set and maintain healthy boundaries with clients, ensuring your business hours are respected.

Client Alignment: Strategies to attract and retain clients who align with your values and creative vision.

Saying No: Gain confidence in saying no to projects or clients that aren't a good fit.

Creative Rejuvenation: Reconnect with your passion for design and reignite your creative spark.

Business Control: Transform your mindset to feel in control of your business rather than feeling controlled by it.


Single Session: $597 for a 2-hour session on Zoom.
Bundle of 3 Sessions: $997 for three 90-minute sessions, available beyond the initial 2-hour session.

This Session is Not for You If:

  • You’re not willing to actively participate in resolving your business challenges.

  • You’re looking for long-term support or community-based solutions rather than a one-time intensive session.

  • You’re not open to implementing new strategies or making necessary changes to improve your business operations.

Why Choose This Consulting Session?

Exclusive Focus: Tailored specifically for interior design professionals facing intense stress and conflict.

Immediate Impact: Designed to provide quick, actionable solutions for urgent issues.

Personalized Attention: One-on-one consulting to address your unique challenges and needs.

Ready to Regain Control? Book your Consulting session today and start untangling your challenges. Let’s restore your peace of mind, reignite your passion for design, and put you back in control of your business and life.

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