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Single Session

For Life & Business


$597 /  2 Hours on Zoom


Who is this for?

New Clients: Ready to dive deep into personal growth and transformation in a focused 2-hour session.

Returning Clients: Completed a coaching package and seeking additional support as needed.

What's Included:

Private and Personalized: One-on-one coaching with Jami Sparling tailored to your current needs and goals.

Deep Dive: Explore challenges, gain clarity, and develop actionable strategies for your next steps.

Flexible and Supportive: Sessions can be booked as standalone or as follow-up support post-package.

Why a Single Session?

Intensive Focus: Make significant breakthroughs and progress in a concentrated session.

Immediate Impact: Address pressing issues or gain clarity quickly with focused attention.

Clarity and Direction: Leave with 3 personalized actionable steps inspired by the conversation.

Tailored Support: Jami's intuitive coaching approach ensures sessions are uniquely tailored to your needs.

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